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The Company

Our founder, Hank, has always been fond of gardening. In 2017, he decided to take a sabbatical and, during that year, dedicate more time to his hobbies. But the Chicago winter came to mess with his plans. It blocked him from working with his plants and also killed everything that he had planted. It was a nightmare.

Being the entrepreneurial man he was, he decided to find a way to grow and harvest during the winter months, and discovered home-hydroponics. From gigantic (and ugly) plastic tubs to pretty but useless countertop gardens, Hank tried everything to get to grow real produce inside his home and was unable to match something that looked nice and performed well.

It was right then, when Harvest₂O was born.



The Team


Hank founded Harvest₂O to enable anyone to access truly fresh produce in their homes. Prior to Harvest₂O, he built, scaled and sold Sportvision, the first Augmented Reality company for live events. Hank spent his boyhood growing strawberries in his native Colorado and is now enjoying fusing his twin passions for tech and gardening into another successful startup.


Diego came into the team to help us expand this business to its true potential. Before coming on board, he revamped business strategies for a leading Peruvian company. There, he learned how to solve problems creatively while keeping customers at the center of the business.


Sully brings considerable technical talents to Harvest₂O from his previous experience leading the operations of a large-scale indoor vertical farm. His engineering capabilities and a practical approach to high-tech are the foundation for our sophisticated growing system.


Angelo is our Master Gardener. After running Loyola University’s ‘Ecodome,’ a large aquaponics lab, he’s come to Harvest₂O for an even greater challenge: teach our ‘Smart Gardener’ how to run every Indoor Garden we deliver.