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The Base

The Base

A powerful growing system that grows abundant, healthy food available to you year-around. The elegant design comes with beautiful detailing, lighting, plumbing and two-levels of growing.

  • Easy: have your garden running within an hour

  • Quick: Veggies grow quickly with inputs optimized for every plant you choose

  • Sophisticated: system designed by expert gardeners

  • Healthy: Maximize your nutrition by eating your food immediately (your store-bought lettuce has very few vitamins left!)

  • Eco-friendly: no pesticides, no food miles, no food waste

An application will guide you through plant selection and nutrient dosing and allow you to track your multiple harvests.

We're not ready to ship just yet - but we will be by Summer 2018! So sign up below and we'll let you know when you can purchase your own beautiful H₂O system!

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