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The Power in Your Hands


Beauty that breaks down barriers.

We designed our Smart Garden with both the aesthetics of modern furniture and the heart of true gardening in mind. The result:

  • Aesthetic, it fits seamlessly in any kitchen or living room

  • Modularity, so you can choose the esthetics of your garden and change it whenever you want

  • Belonging, use one, two three or the four levels, it will mimic one type of furniture that you’re familiar with, that means, you’ll know where to put it.



A smart experience for Indoor Gardeners.

We know gardening is complex, we’ve made it simple. Just tell the app what you want and it’ll tell you what to do.

  • Simplified, drive through the world of high-performance gardening without any bumps

  • Optimized, let our algorithms tell you what your plants need and when

  • Flexible, the needs of your garden can match yours, the app will tell you what to grow, where and when, integrating itself with your daily routine and matching your needs.



AI Gardener at your service 24/7.

If you want it to be even simpler, just hire our Smart Gardener, one payment and he’ll be with you for ever.

  • Automated, he’ll measure your water, add nutrients and handle the lights for you
  • Connected, once you’ve harvested or seeded (and told the app) he’ll know and optimize your garden’s needs.
  • Interactive, he’ll let you know when he needs your help (i.e.: when your SGarden needs more water) and what to do through the app.