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The Whole

Our products are created by integrating professional grade hydroponics technologies with human centered design. The result is a Smart Garden that generates produce yields comparable to a commercial vertical farm but, at the same time, is easy to use and does not disrupt your daily life. 


The Parts


What’s Inside

By leveraging technologies like NFT trays, LED Grow Lighting and water-circulation systems, your plants will live on the best environment possible. This means that their output will always be maximized.


What’s Outside

A carefully curated selection of plants is offered to our customers. Our store is not fed by random seed suppliers, but by an optimal array of seeds designed to thrive inside our Smart Garden.


The Smarts

Designed to make your life simple, our app will take care of the science behind having a lush and colorful garden. Make no mistake, it looks sleek and simple, but it’s a real genius on the inside.


The Gardener

We took it a step further and created an (optional) internal system that automates ~90% of what you would need to do to maximize your Smart Garden’s performance. A Raspberry Pi motherboard connects with the app and run sensors, pumps and lights to make your experience even better.